Cliff Bleszinski – “Movies Are Not Games, Stop with the Comparisons”

Ever miss the good old 8-bit days of gaming? Things were simpler; no one argued over frame rates or resolution, no heated debates over which plastic box is better to play on and most of all; games were just…games.

As technology progressed over the years, the line between movies and games has somewhat blurred. We can take the example of Uncharted series or the latest installment of Call of Duty.

One of the trailers released for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare featured a quote claiming that the upcoming game “transcends the line between game and film.”

To this claim and approach of advertising, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski reacted by saying “stop this sh**.” Making it clear that he did not mean to attack the game but he feels that “games shouldn’t aspire to movies.”

“Movies are not games, though,” he said. “Stop with the comparisons, folks. Insecure much?”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features an action-packed single player campaign featuring a powerful performance by none other than Hollywood star Kevin Spacey.

Sledgehammer Games is working hard to make sure they overcome the shortcomings of last year’s Ghosts and as long as gameplay is as good as the story, I have no issues with any game aspiring to movies or advertised that way but Mr. Bleszinski, on the other hand, thinks differently.

Source: Twitter