Battlefield 5 Will Not Release Until 2016, Says Sterne Agee

Battlefield 5 hasn’t even been announced yet, but it didn’t stop Sterne Agee’s analysts to predict that DICE and EA will not release the next entry in the franchise until 2016.

Analysts provide three reasons for this conclusion; first, they say that Battlefield: Hardline is going to launch in 2015, and EA wouldn’t want two Battlefield titles to release in the same year.

The second reason is Star Wars Battlefront which is also targeted for release in 2015, analysts believe that releasing three shooters in the same year wouldn’t do EA any good, and due to this reason we will not see Battlefield 5 until 2016.

Finally, Stern Agee stated that DICE would want to ensure that the upcoming entry in the series is bug free, and not filled with issues like Battlefield 4 was. Making sure that the game is running smoothly on all platforms will require time, which leaves us at 2016 release.

The reasons given by analysts are pretty solid and currently, DICE is just trying to fix the problems of Battlefield 4 and it is also collaborating with Visceral Games for Battlefield: Hardline.

However, after Hardline has hit the stores, then we can expect EA to reveal Battlefield 5, probably at the next year’s E3.

Personally, I believe that these are valid reasons and seem logical. What do you think?