Unity CEO John Riccitiello Reaffirms Goal to “Democratise” Game Development

Following his recent placement as the new CEO of Unity, John Riccitiello has addressed growing concerns from some developers about the future of Unity game engine.

There has always been a somewhat negative aura perceived by everyone to be surrounding Riccitiello, ever since his departure from EA. It was only natural to contemplate what he would bring to Unity now that he has gotten control of the company.

Riccitiello has said that developers don’t need to worry about anything and that he will continue to reaffirm the company’s goal to “democratise” game development.

“My philosophy is not to get bigger or more profitable for the sake of these things,” he wrote on the Unity forums. “I strongly believe this and see it as my guiding light. Unity needs to continue to pursue its mission with as much purpose and greatness as it can. If this means we’re bigger, so be it.”

Riccitiello also expressed a desire to not only help developers make games, but to help them find audiences after release. It seems like he has a plan tucked away for the future for this cause but the details will not be coming our way anytime soon.

“It’s too early for me to be specific on all of this, and it would be wrong for me to do that until i spend more time with the teams at Unity,” he said. “Listen first… it allows a better chance of saying something useful later.”