Sunset Overdrive PC Ad Was A “Simple Mistake”

Yesterday, an ad was posted online which suggested that Sunset Overdrive might be making its way to PC as well. However, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra on his twitter account has clarified the situation by saying that the ad was a “simple mistake.”

People got interested in the ad because games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 were also Xbox One exclusives at one point, but eventually they made it to PC. Due to this reason, fans of Sunset Overdrive thought that PC port of the upcoming title might be a possibility.

Looking at the exclusives’ history on Microsoft’s console, we can assume that Sunset Overdrive will also release on PC sometime in the future.

As for now, the game is exclusive to Xbox One and will hit the stores tomorrow. However, reviews of the title came one day early and they all have good things to say about Insomniac’s latest project.

Check the full review round up right here.

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