MOBA Title Smite Gets Dedicated Servers In Australia

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that its popular MOBA title, Smite will have dedicated servers located in Australia from now on.

Existing SMITE players in the region preserve all god unlocks, experience, and cosmetics they have already accumulated. Players from Australia and New Zealand can still optionally choose to play with friends on American and European servers as they wish.

The announcement was made just ahead of Australian PAX, which is scheduled to begin this Friday in Melbourne and one of the co-founders of Hi-Rez will be among the attendees.

It’s always pleasant to have servers for a game in your region so Australian fans must be happy to hear that.

The game made its way to Xbox One and PC earlier this year and got positive reception all around due to its exciting game modes and gameplay.

The most popular mode of Smite is called Conquest, which is basically a regular 3 lane MOBA style map. Apart from that, there’s “Arena” in which ten players are allowed to participate with each team consisting of five players.

Furthermore, there are Joust Mode, Assault, Siege and some specialty matches which keep on changing on regular basis.

So, how many Australians players are out there and are you happy to have local servers or servers from other regions were doing just fine for you?