Magic 2015 Expansion Removes Premium Boosters

Publisher Wizards of the Coast will adjust the premium booster model it has introduced in Magic 2015: Duel of the Planeswalkers. Separately purchased cards will be removed, in trade for a system that earns new boosters through multiplayer battles.

At the launch of Magic 2015, developer Stainless Games finally allowed for customized deck building with the use of booster packs that could be bought separately. While this does bring the game closer to the original trading card game, many fans of the series were upset with the additional purchases needed in the otherwise more basically complete video game iteration.

So, coming November 5, these boosters will now be earned through multiplayer victories instead. People who previously bought premium cards will be handed the remainder of items for free, while those who have purchased all cards will be recompensed with a yet undetermined gift.

November 5 also introduces an expansion for Magic 2015, called Garruk’s Revenge. It contains a four-level campaign and new cards from the Alara set, for a price of $4.99.

Reception for Magic 2015 hasn’t been kind. On Steam, only %38 of customers provided a positive recommendation, which grants it an unsightly “mostly negative” sticker. Additionally, the game dwindles around a 60 Metacritic score.

It sounds like Magic 2015 had been letting its eyes wander towards Hearthstone, which currently dominates the card game landscape. The only difference with its in-app purchases is that the main thing is free, unlike Magic 2015, which already costs €9.99.

Card games cost money though. As old fans of the real thing, we know that all too well.