Insomniac Strikes Gold With Sunset Overdrive – Review Round Up

One of the highly anticipated exclusives of Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive is going to launch tomorrow and just ahead of its release, the reviews of the game have popped up online and it seems that Insomniac has struck gold once again.

The game has outdone almost every exclusive that has been released so far on Xbox One in terms of overall score as most of the critics have rated this new game either 8 or more.

Check out Sunset Overdrive review scores from around the web given below:

Most of the critics have appraised this new title for its amazing environments, weapons, special abilities and over the top, crazy gameplay style that will keep you invested in the game for a long time.

Insomniac has barely set a foot wrong in the last decade as it gave us the incredible Ratchet and Clank franchise along with the Resistance series and now, they have come up with yet another amazing title.

If you own an Xbox One, then there is just no reason to skip the amazing Sunset Overdrive.