Evolve’s Progression System Explained

There’s a new blog post on the Evolve site that details player progression systems for the game, ahead of the Big Alpha test that will be held. There are two ways to enhance the multiplayer shooter’s experience.

For character progression itself, players will receive in-game experience that helps a certain class mastery climb in three different tiers. The tiers are: Skilled, Expert and Elite.

Each tier comes with improved abilities for that class. Each time a character is fully mastered, the next person for that particular class is unlocked.

In addition, an overall player progression happens outside of matches, by earning medals and awards from playing well. This increases player ranks, going up to level 40, which comes with a new perk each time.

Perks can be used prior to a match to improve certain stats. Here’s a list of the possible perks that can customize gameplay:

  • Climb Speed / Jump Bonus
  • Weapon Switching Speed
  • Jetpack Recharge
  • Damage Bonus
  • Ability Cooldown Rate
  • Armor Regeneration
  • Health Regeneration
  • Feeding Speed
  • Smell Range

The blog post states that the progression system is handed out as an informational thing only. Players participating in the Big Alpha won’t experience the overall system with ranks, nor does any progress carry over to the full release.

We do, however, get to know what characters and monsters will be available. Players will start off with Assault’s Markov, Trapper’s Maggy, Medic’s Val, Support’s Hank and the Goliath, which then unlock Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus, Bucket and Kraken respectively.

The Evolve Big Alpha starts on October 30 on Xbox One, followed the next day by its other platforms.