Rumor: Sunset Overdrive Coming to PC?

An online ad for Sunset Overdrive seems pretty normal at first, until you spot an additional line of text that gives PC owners hope to see Insomniac’s latest title on their platform in the future.

Spotted by NeoGAF member ‘Lucifon,’ the ad mentions that Sunset Overdrive is coming exclusively to the Xbox One and PC. Was this simply a mistake on the designer’s part or did something get leaked out beforehand?

Insomniac Games has in the past made its position clear on a PC version of Sunset Overdrive. A couple of months back, the developer vaguely said that a port depends upon what the future holds.

While it never really shut down a Windows version, it did tease the possibility of additional platforms being brought in if the game did well enough.

We have seen both Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome jump ship from being exclusive to the Xbox One and ending up on the PC platform. Insomniac Games is already reported to be experimenting with Unity 4.5 and the PC platform.

Additionally, the rights to the IP are owned by them, not Microsoft. We’ll file this news in our rumors category for now but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sunset Overdrive announce for PC next year.

You can watch the ad here.