Insomniac Sheds Light on Ratchet & Clank’s PS4 Re-Release

Insomniac Games has been a frequent mention in recent news concerning its upcoming open-world action shooter Sunset Overdrive. To the point that we almost forget that it also is involved in the upcoming Ratchet & Clank remake for the PlayStation 4 which was announced at E3 this year by Sony.

Posting on the developer’s official forum, community manager Tim Salvitti dropped a few details on the game’s re-release, as well as the Ratchet & Clank movie which is scheduled for release during the same time. The information is vague at best but at least offers some new light on the matter.

Salvitti wrote that the upcoming game will be a re-imagining of the original Ratchet & Clank game for which all assets have been remade to take advantage of the PlayStation 4. In addition it will have new areas and characters.

As far as the storyline is concerned, the game will only borrow plot elements from the movie to re-tell the origin story. The movie on the other hand will re-tell the origin story by borrowing elements from the PlayStation 2 release.

That’s a bit confusing and should that be the other way around?

It was also mentioned that compared to the movie, the game will have more characters and areas because otherwise the movie would had to have a longer running time.

Salvitti finally said that there really isn’t anything more to say at this point, suggesting that the studio is more focused on the release of Sunset Overdrive. More information was promised when Insomniac deems the time is right.

Both Ratchet & Clank – the game and movie – are scheduled for release sometime in 2015.

Source Insomniac Games