CEO and Face of DreamHack Robert Ohlén has Been “Relieved of Duties”

Robert Ohlén, CEO and face of the world’s largest computer festival DreamHack, has been “relieved of his duties,” the company announced today.

In an official press release, the company’s head of public relations Fredrik Nystrom assured that Ohlén’s departure will in no way effect DreamHack. The event “will continue as usual without any interruption.” He also said that a new CEO has been recruited internally and will be announced in a day or two.

While it has not been made official, it’s widely whispered that the new CEO is Markus Lindmark, a former event manager for the company.

The press release did not dwell into Ohlén’s sudden sacking and made no mention on why. According to the Daily Dot, the decision comes after an internal power-struggle that has seen key members of the board at odds with the public face of the company.

The latter part is true to the bone. Ohlén has been the face of DreamHack for so long that many would say he ‘is’ DreamHack. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a majority of the community make their disappointment heard by tomorrow.

Ohlén’s took to Twitter earlier today to express his frustration: “Truth. Honor. etc. don’t exist. May @DreamHack die an ignoble death. This is the last communication from BossDH. a pox on all you’re houses.”

DreamHack was founded in 1997 and over the years has grown in a prominent yearly major esports event.