Wii U Exclusive UCraft Comes Out In Q2 2015, New Alpha Footage Released

Nexis Games has shared some new information regarding the development progress of UCraft and also gave the game a Q2 2015 release.

Although Nexis was planning to make the game available later this year but has now decided to release the title next year.

They explained this decision in a post on their website stating that for the purpose of making a better product for Wii U community, they have changed their plans and are going to put more work into the game.

“Initially we were shooting for a holiday release however we have decided to effectively delay the game until the 2nd quarter of 2015. We know that this may come as a surprise to many of you but we feel this is the best course of action to ensure we deliver the best product possible to our beloved Wii U Community.”

While reading this news, fans might be disappointed but by looks of the game, it does have a lot of potential and upon release if it isn’t able to deliver according to expectations, that will be a bigger disappointment.

And it seems developers feel the same way:

“We have devoted countless hours to the development of UCraft and we are very proud of our progress to date. We feel UCraft and the Wii U community deserve a great product not something rushed to the eshop to make a quick buck. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts Wii U Community but we are confident that this is the best move for UCraft.”

In addition to an apology, Nexis Games has shared some new alpha footage from UCraft for fans which might help them feel better. You can see the footage above and let us know what you think of it, in the comments below!

Source: Nexis Games