New “SharePlay” Features For PS4 Showcased in a New Video

PlayStation 4 is going to receive the highly anticipated firmware 2.0 update on coming Tuesday, October 28 and it will improve one of the most used features of the console SharePlay.

To demonstrate the new changes heading your way with SharePlay in the new update, Sony has released a new video which you can check out above.

One of the biggest features that will be added with this update is “Hand Over My Controller”, this new feature will allow you to share your controller with your friend “virtually” and he/she will be able to play whatever you are playing. The person on the other end doesn’t even have to own the game for this feature to work.

Similar to the above feature is “Hand over another controller” which allows two players to play at once if the local multiplayer is supported in the game. Again, the person on the other end doesn’t need to own or download the game.

Furthermore, SharePlay will allow you to “Share Screen” with your friends, allowing them to spectate whatever it is you are doing. This feature can be used to show other players how some features work, some gameplay tips and a lot of other stuff like that, without either of them having to leave the room.

I have to say that these are some impressive additions, as they will allow you to play with your friends without them needing to own the game.

What do you think of these new features of Shareplay on PlayStation 4? Let us know!