Civilization: Beyond Earth Demo is Now Available

Civilization: Beyond Earth launched yesterday on PC, but if you haven’t still decided yet whether to buy the game yet or not, then worry no more as developers have revealed that the demo of the game is also available, which will give you a pretty good idea about what to expect from the new title.

The demo announcement was made through Civilization official twitter account, where developers wrote:

Civilization: Beyond Earth has taken a different route compared to its predecessors, as it takes you on a journey to the alien territories. There will be different terrains, different resources, different worlds and different progression system.

However, despite the changes in environments and locations, most of the gameplay elements are same as before, as you will be building your own civilization and making sure that everyone in your territory is happy and safe.

Civilization: Beyond Earth also features an amazing multiplayer that allows up to 8 players to participate and compete for the domination in the new world.

Furthermore, mod support is also present in the game, which will surely keep things fresh for the players in the future.

You can download the demo for Civilization: Beyond Earth right here..