Warframe Is The Most Downloaded Game On PS4

Warframe made its way to PlayStation 4 last year and according to the developers; their game has managed to cross 12 million registered users (all platforms) and is currently “the most downloaded game on PS4.”

The game gained its popularity due to the different match types that it has put on offer like Capture, Assassination, Survival, Spy, Extermination, Escape and more.

The fast-paced combat of the game may seem a little odd in the beginning, but as you play more, you get used to it, and the gameplay becomes fun.

Developers have been releasing regular updates for Warframe to add new content, and the next update called Archwing is going to release tomorrow on PC, while Xbox One and PS4 users will get it soon.

The new update will add new features, new quests, new weapons and a lot more stuff to the game. If you haven’t tried out Warframe before, then do play it now as it is available on the current-gen consoles and PC as a free-to-play title.

Also, it is a great way to pass the time.