Shelter 2 First Gameplay Clip Revealed

Developer Might and Delight has released the first gameplay footage for Shelter 2, their new survival game coming to PC. It shows off some of the environments, as well as action sequences.

There’s a distinct art style that Shelter 2 uses that’s intriguing to witness. With the use of line art and angular shapes, together with soft colors, it creates a slick and stylish sort of minimalism.

In the gameplay footage, we get to see a lynx family walk around a forest area, plains and other brush environments.  Additionally, there’s some skulking and hunting going on as well.

When chasing prey in particular, the screen sort of distorts forward a little to create a sense of speed. The lynx stretches out into a wide stride while chasing small critters and big deer alike.

Depending on the size, it’s possible for the player to simply pick up prey or eat from the carcass instead. In Shelter 2, you’ll be charged with keeping your cubs alive, which are always at a short distance.

In the original release, the story followed a badger and their litter, which had similar gameplay aspects, if not this elaborate. There, you had to also watch out for other predators who tried to snatch the younglings, so this could likely return in Shelter 2.

Just recently, the developer had to announce that Shelter 2 would be delayed into next year. With the gameplay footage, a date is set in February of 2015.