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Ryse: Son of Rome Patch #153 is Now Live, Fixes Multiple Issues and Improves Experience

Patch #153 for the PC version of Ryse Son of Rome is now live. Crytek has stated that the new patch comes with SLI/Crossfire optimization & quality improvements.

GPU performance for NVIDIA cards has been improved especially for GTX 980 and GTX 970. Players experiencing crash issues while running the game on a resolution above 1080p should rest assured, the issue has been fixed.

One of the highlights from this patch is the option to turn off the HUD and if you like to take screenshots then you now won’t have to worry about the HUD ruining your perfect shot.

One issue that I have personally encountered is even though the Legendary difficulty wasn’t unlocked, it could be selected with the mouse.

This issue is also addressed with patch #153. You see the full changelog below:

SLI/Crossfire optimization & quality improvements
Improved GPU performance on NVIDIA cards, especially for GTX980/970 versions
Fixed potential crash when running the game in resolutions higher than 1080p
Fixed graphical corruption on nVidia when running in resolutions higher than 1080p
Fixed a bug that occurred on low framerate which prevented the door to open in Pax Romana
Fixed a bug that allowed Legendary difficulty to be selected with mouse even though it is not unlocked
Made CVar accessible to disable/enable force feedback on the game controller: i_forcefeedback 0/1
Made CVar accessible to disable/enable flash (e.g. the ingame HUD for taking beauty screenshots): gfx_draw 0/1
Made CVar accessible to adjust image sharpening: r_PostAASharpening 0…2 (values range from 0 to 2, default is 0.2)
Added support for high resolution timer mode to overcome FPS limits on some systems. Activate via “sys_highrestimer = 1” (without quotes) in system.cfg

In order to download the latest update for your game just restart Ryse from your Steam client and you’re good to go.

In addition, drivers for a number of Geforce GPUs has been release by NVIDIA which feature SLI profile for Ryse.

Ryse: Son of Rome is now available on Microsoft Windows PC and you can grab a copy of the game through Steam for $39.99