Racing Title Toybox Turbos Announced by Codemasters, Trailer Inside

Codemasters is really feeling the love for good old 90s styled top down racing titles; and it is apparent from the latest game that they have announced: Toybox Turbos!

Before we go digging into the game for features and more, here’s a description from the developers that would tell you what exactly they have in mind with this game:

Here we go then – it’s time for a slice of retro Codies arcade racing like out of the nineties with our new game Toybox Turbos! Bursting with multiplayer fun to share with your friends and family, Toybox Turbos takes you to kitchen tables, pool halls and science labs in this manic, miniaturised table top racer!

That being said, the game is going to bring you table tops filled with obstacles, shortcuts, power ups, mines, machine guns and giant car mounted hammers!

In total there will be 35 vehicles comprising of amazing variety that you can choose to play the six game modes as well as boss battles.

The modes are Classic Races, Time Trial, Overtake, Escape, Countdown and Elimination. I found most of the names pretty self-explanatory. Last but not the least; the game is going to feature four player multiplayer matches that you can hook up to online.

Toybos Turbos is slated for a release via Steam on November 11 for £11.99.

Although the game is also going to get a PS3 and Xbox 360 version, no release dates have been shared for them.

Do check out the trailer above and tell us what you think!