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Quantum Break is Looking Good in This New 16 Minutes of Gameplay

Remedy Entertainment has released some new gameplay footage for their upcoming third person action game, Quantum Break.

The gameplay footage you see above is from the mid section of the game where Jack Joyce tries to meet-up with one of the other protagonist in the game known as Beth Wilder.

Reaching Beth won’t be easy, Monarch Solutions is hunting down both Beth and Jack. Why is Monarch looking for them? Well, as you know Quantum Break is based around an incident which took place at a fictional North Eastern US.

A time traveling experiment has gone horribly wrong at the Riverport University. The incident has caused time to break down and not only that, the event gave three of our lead characters powers to manipulate time.

I already mentioned two characters Beth Wilder and Jack Joyce, the third one goes by the name of Paul Serene who founded Monarch Solutions and is the lead antagonist of the game.

Our hero Jack is trying to stop the end of time and as mentioned in the video above “time is literally running out.”

The video also explains how Paul Serene who was once Jack’s best friend disappeared into the time machine and came back 73 years older and a ruthless head of Monarch Solutions.

Jack is the only one standing between Serene and his schemes.

Quantum Break is looking incredibly impressive in terms of visuals and seems to feature an intense action packed story.

The game is scheduled to hit Microsoft’s latest gaming console Xbox One sometime in 2015.