This League of Legends Exploit will Get you Banned, Says Riot Games

Recently, Riot Games have been seen setting things in order with League of Legends whether it is the third party apps that you use with the game or people who are looking for ways to cheat through the game.

Soon they will be releasing a new patch to deal with all the things that they regard as cheating in the game and for where I can see, this will include a few things that players usually regard as an exploit rather than a cheat.

Taking about one such exploit, the developers said that it was actually a bannable offence:

We are currently aware of the exploit being used to provide unfair advantages in game, notably regarding skills being used in a manner in which they are not intended. This is not average players taking advantage of a bug; it requires manipulation of the game on a level that is against our Terms of Service. For security reasons I can’t provide any further details. We have been working to release a fix for the issue as soon as possible.

They ended by saying that everyone who has triggered this exploit in League of Legends is going to be punished, as it is a bannable offence.

In the video above, you will see charcoal champion Brand using Pyroclasm, his ultimate while at level one which obviously, is dealing a lot of damage all around.

About this and other certain champions in League of Legends like Ashe, have passive abilities. The players sometime exchange the auto attack with another variant that comes into play when you toggle the passive ability using Q.

What’s your say on this?