Go Play Arma 3 Free On Steam This Weekend

Developer Bohemia Interactive has made their flagship simulation title, Arma 3, free on Steam this weekend. It also reduces the price with a 50% discount, which will run for the duration of the free promotion.

With the freebie, the developer wants to support their current Make Arma Not War contest. It urges its community to come up with their own content for the military sandbox title.

Make Arma Not War has a prize pool of a pretty stellar €500,000 figure. In addition, some entries may be awarded other incentives, which include a contract to work for Bohemia Interactive.

To give you some perspective: Bohemia is the house that eventually spawned DayZ, the survival craze of our times. It’s a shot in the dark, but it is there, since that was also just an Arma mod at some point.

If you just want to dive into Arma 3, you can also take part in a singleplayer mode, as well as servers with multiple scenarios. Anything ranging from specific military operations to roleplaying games or even full conversions that include racing titles can be selected.

Another thing that might interest you is the Zeus downloadable content (DLC) for Arma 3. This free DLC mixes the military shooter with Dungeons & Dragons elements that put players at the mercy of a game master, who can alter settings of the game world on the fly.

If you’ve been with Arma 3 from the start, this could also give you an incentive to return to the game with full servers running. At launch, a severe lack of content somewhat affected the game’s reception, which slumped to a, still respectable, 74 Metacritic rating.