Final Super Game Jam Documentary Out Now

Super Game Jam, the indie game documentary from publisher Devolver Digital, has released its fifth and final episode on Steam. It comes with a 25% discount for the full season, which is available through the weekend.

The documentary films the length of a game jam with two developers from its original thought process to a finished product. Each episode, the duo is issued a topic from the developers of the previous developer.

Each team gets 48 hours to flesh out their project, which takes roughly twenty minutes to chronicle in a documentary episode. For this final viewing, Tom Francis of indie hit Gunpoint teams up with Liselore Goedhart, the only female developer featured in this season, creator of Nott Won’t Sleep.

The two are given a “simulation” theme, which is pretty general. That urges the team to create SimAntics, a game about anteaters that try and get their long, floppy tongues down the lines of an ant colony.

Once again, there was just a slight delay on getting the final release out, but nothing as troublesome as previous episodes. For instance, both the second and third project were released simultaneously due to several setbacks.

Previous Super Game Jam episodes have featured a lot of known developers, a few from the Devolver Digital stable, such as Jan Willem Nijman from Vlambeer and Jonatan Söderström, one of the creators of Hotline Miami. Other names were tied to games like McPixel, Samuraii Gunn and Shelter.

Together with the documentary clip, Super Game Jam also offers the actual prototype made in the show, though some restrictions may apply.