Far Cry 4 Trailer Showcases Midlands, Himalayas And New Characters

Far Cry 4 has received yet another amazing trailer showcasing Midlands and Himalayas in all their glory.

Midlands mostly consists of lush green forests, beautiful vistas and exotic animal life, where drug business under the control of Dr. Noore Najaar is at its peak.

Dr. Noore is also responsible for running a special arena called Shanath, in which deadly contests are held, and you are allowed to participate.

The Shanath Arena will work just like the Roman Empire’s Coliseum, as the participant will compete against wolves, tigers, humans in the fight to death matches.

Moving on to Himalayas, which is the most dangerous place of Kyrat and rightly so because here, you will come across dangerous animals, creepy creatures, cold environments and the elite army.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for avalanches because they don’t come with a warning.

Finally, there is the “sky prison” which is under control of the game’s antagonist Pagan Min and the political criminals of Kyrat are kept here. The warden of this prison is Yuma, who is a former Triad gangster.

Far Cry 4 is shaping up to be the best entry in the franchise, but we will only be able to give our final verdict once we get our hands on the game on November 18.