Far Cry 4: Leaked Achievements Mention Homestead Upgrades and Story Details

The full list of achievements for Far Cry 4 have been leaked online ahead of the game’s release next month.

The listed gives us substantial hints to a number of activities players will indulge themselves in the fictional world of Kyrat. It also gives us information on Homestead, something that Ubisoft has not mentioned previously in their reveals.

In Far Cry 4 players will have their own Homestead base which they can also upgrade with time. It’s unknown as to what kinds of upgrades players will have access to and to what extent the base will help them out.

Coincidentally Assassin’s Creed III also had a similar Homestead and both titles share the same Creative Director – Alex Hutchinson.

The achievements also mention a “Battles of Kyrat” game mode which looks to be from the multiplayer portion. Ubisoft is still keeping its online mode behind the curtains but has promised to reveal it entirely in the days to come. We expect this new game mode to be unveiled soon.

Unsurprisingly there are also achievements for killing enemies with an elephant, crafting items, obtaining the many collectibles, liberating outposts, and hunting wild beasts.

Finally, we also get to know about the choices players will have to face at the end of the game. Note that this is an extreme spoiler and much like Far Cry 3, players will have to choose between different aspects at the end that might ruin the game for you if you were to know it now.

Source: Exophase