ESA Grants $90,000 To 30 Women And Minority Students

A charitable arm of the Entertainment Software Association, the ESA Foundation, has granted thirty students a total sum of $90,000. Specifically, the donation is aimed towards the support of minorities and women who are interested in obtaining video game-related degrees.

Students who were eligible for this grant are enrolled full-time in one of the company’s 25 selected schools, spanning 16 states of the US. Jenny Lai of the ESA Foundation commented:

These talented students are the computer and video game industry’s future leaders. We are proud to support women and minority students as they pursue their educational goals and develop the critical skills necessary to achieve professional success.

According to the ESA, there would be almost 400 universities in the US that cater, in some form, to a degree related with computer and video game design. Some of the credited schools include the University of Florida or Santa Monica College.

Each of the thirty students is granted $3,000 that will help them in the many fields they’re currently attending. Topics range from illustration to computer engineering and science. A list of all scholarship winners can be found on the site.

With this latest news, the ESA takes a further stance on supporting diversity in any way it can. It comes off the back of the comments it made on the GamerGate movement, where it denounced any harassment or threats directed to people in the gaming community.

The ESA is mostly known as the organization to put up the famous E3 convention each year, though they have a lobby segment tied to tons of companies as well.