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Assassin’s Creed Unity Brotherhood Missions Unlock Later in the Game

What with all the recently released trailers, especially the one about side missions, Assassin’s Creed Unity has crushed out any doubts people might have had about whether they are going to buy the game or not.

Another interesting element in the game is the Brotherhood Missions, the co-op element. About these, the developers have revealed that you will have to prove your worth before getting your hands on them.

Alex Amancio the creative director said that they will be unlocked later in the game, once you have played for at least an hour and a half.

We did this for two reasons. First, this is a different game; you need to learn how to play differently. We use the first hour and a half to have a bit more linear of a structure, to hopefully get you to learn how to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Second, this allows us to introduce a new context, a new character. The way we set it up is during the beginning we’re setting up the context, the revolution, the people, the history and Arno.

He then continued that Arno is supposed to harbor some elements of innocence in him that show the world to him as something new. He ‘needs to be a very charismatic assassin’ and that is where the innocence plays its part.

Other than that, Assassin’s Creed Unity has been developed in such a way that a first timer will not feel like he has joined a series from the middle and after missing out on the basics. However, the returning fans will see the difference between this game and the previous installments.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The French venture will be unleashed in United States on November 11 followed closely by a release in the PAL region on November 13. Japanese release is slated for December 4.