The Ambiguity About Far Cry 4 Multiplayer DLC Clarified By Director

Ubisoft revealed the season pass of Far Cry 4 just a few days ago which included a multiplayer PvP mode called Overrun. This revelation confused a lot of people as they started asking, whether PvP will only be playable if they purchase the season pass?

To clarify the situation, Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson tweeted that the multiplayer will be available for everyone in the original game, and this Overrun is just an extra mode that you can get via season pass.

The confusion was due to the lack of information available on Far Cry 4 multiplayer because as far as we knew, the game was only going to include the co-op online elements.

However, it is good to see that Alex has cleared the situation because a lot of people would have been angry if the PvP was only available as a DLC.

Apart from the Overrun PvP mode, the season pass will also include new missions, Yetis and a lot of more. You can get more details on it right here.

Far Cry 4 is set to launch on November 18 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.