Xbox One Screenshots Delayed Past the December Update

Just like we reported earlier, Microsoft isn’t really ready to introduce the Xbox One screenshots feature to the console yet. The only difference is, previously the news wasn’t officially confirmed and now it is.

The head of Xbox at Microsoft, Phil Spencer finally let it loose that indeed the Xbox One screenshots feature was taking longer than expected:

It’s a little more technically challenging than I thought. Two weeks ago, they think they’ve found a good solution for screenshots. They’re working on it. They know people want it. The team has a path to getting it done, and now it’s just prioritizing.

Exactly a month ago, an Xbox employee and NeoGAF user had claimed on a thread saying ‘seems like no screenshots this year. Only posting this to prevent disappointment later.’

Spencer added further that while we did expect the December update to bring us the sought after feature, this update is not going to be about that. This time they will be ‘pause for a little bit and settle.’

He did assure that when they start cooking the update after this one in the next year, screenshots will be among the list of ‘stuff.’

So what do you think? The December update is going to be pretty smaller in size now that the most awaited feature that it was expected to bring has been dropped.

Are you alright with the delay or would you have wanted to have Xbox One screenshots at hand as you entered the holiday season?

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