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There Could be More Dark Souls 2 DLC Headed Your Way

Who wouldn’t like to play more of Dark Souls 2 and if you are one of the fans itching to get some more content for the game then you might be in luck.

If you take a look at a Steam database update, you might notice something called “test DLC4” for Dark Souls 2. What’s interesting to know is that same type of labelling is used for previous DLC release.

Crown of the Ivory King was considered the last DLC to be released for the game but it seems as though that might not be the case.

The reason why it was considered the last one was due to the content being referred to as “the final chapter of the Lost Crowns trilogy” and the “grand finale” for the three Crowns trilogy.

So one thing seems certain that if another DLC is coming, it will be something new and not related to the Crowns Trilogy.

Also, the $24.99 season pass for the game only gave players access to the trilogy and did not included any content beyond that.

Lastly, there are also some rumors going around regarding some DLC events slated for early November and near Christmas. In addition, an a new DLC is also rumored to be released early or mid 2015.

The news is certainly very exciting but until we hear something from an official source, excitement should be kept to a minimum.

Source: Steam