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Skullgirls PS4 Will Support PS3 Fighting Stick

The popular PlayStation 3 fighting stick is not compatible yet with PlayStation 4, but Lab Zero Games is looking to change that with Skullgirls, as the studio revealed a USB driver that will allow you to use PS3’s stick on PS4.

Yes, it is a great news for the fans of the game and fighting genre, but don’t get too excited because the controller will not be compatible with every single game, until its support is specially released for the game.

At this moment, the fighting stick only plays Skullgirls but CEO of Lab Zero, Peter Bartholow isn’t too happy about it either.

We think it’s better for the consumer and the industry that you be able to spend your hard-earned money buying games instead of buying a new fight stick.

He has got a point there, because the video games nowadays are very expensive and if you add a fighting stick and other accessories to your collection, then the total amount spent just keeps on increasing.

Lab Zero also revealed that, when they are done creating the new driver, they will allow other developers to use it for free, so that their games can support PS3 stick as well.

It is a good initiative and it might  just allow you to play all the fighting games with the same PS3 fighting stick, which will save you some money that you can spend on other video games.