Rovio’s Latest Title “Retry” Can be as Annoying as Flappy Bird

The developers behind the popular Angry Birds games are back with their new title called Retry, which takes inspiration (sort of) from the hit game Flappy Bird. This new title from Rovio has been released on iOS and Android as a free to play title.

In the game, you will be trying to dodge the aerial obstacles while flying a plane, which is quite difficult to control. This means that your dying over and over memories of Flappy Bird will be completely refreshed with this title.

Despite releasing a new game, the focus of Rovio will stay on Angry Birds as they will release more expansions to keep things fresh for the players.

Retry, on the other hand is a completely different type of game and there are a lot of people out there, who would love to play this genre as well, giving Rovio a chance to work on two games at once.

Rovio’s executive vice president of games, Jami Laes seemed pretty excited at the launch of this new title as he stated:

Retry is a tribute to the video games of the ’80s that a lot of us grew up with. The fun 8-bit aesthetics, chiptune music, and the difficulty curve that hit you like a 2-by-4, which you still persisted and beat those levels. It was all the sweeter for the challenge.

To get an idea of Retry works, check out the attached video above.