Play Super Smash Bros for 3DS on Twitch Plays Pokemon

People who have been using Twitch and also happen to be Pokemon fans would know of a certain Twitch channel that goes by the name of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

The channel started off by letting people play Pokemon games on screen through the chat as we reported back in February this year. Later on, the same channel had gone on to let people play the Legend of Zelda in the same way.

Now, they have picked up one of the more recent games, Super Smash Bros for 3DS! If you head here, you will see a number of fans fighting matches against each other on the Twitch Plays Pokemon channel.

Of course this is not permanent; Super Smash Bros for 3DS was added to the channel for a period of two days out of which the first 8 hours have already passed.

As of now, you have one day and 16 hours before the game gets taken off of the channel. I am sure you would want to try it out looking at how it has been a really fun (and popular) experience with the Pokemon titles.

Talking off, the channel in question has been playing different games ever since and after Super Smash Bros for 3DS it will be playing the Pokemon Omega Ruby Demo – I am sensing that is going to get a much more popular response!

Currently the owners of the channel have multiple expected games that might get run on the channel in the future. They have even put up a speculative list on the channel:

  • Pokemon Diamond (Telefang)
  • Moemon
  • Touhoumon
  • Pokemon Brown
  • Pokemon Prism
  • Pokemon Quartz
  • Pokemon Marble
  • Pokemon Blue (democracy-only)
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (democracy-only)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (democracy-only)

So, was there anything in there that interests you?