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Phil Spencer is not Ashamed of Xbox One Hardware

Since taking over as the head of Xbox division, Phil Spencer has made some decisions that have worked in favor of the Xbox One and has attracted a lot of players to the console.

Now, in a new podcast, Spencer was asked if he was the one in charge of the whole new-gen planning and development process, would Xbox One had been more powerful?

It’s easy for me to say yes, and I know to a lot of people that would make me seem like a better guy… I don’t know. I know the people that make those decisions and I don’t know the realities of the situations when they made those decisions, so it’s easy to me to sit back now and say “ok, we would have built a three teraflops box and sold it for 99 dollars” but I don’t know.

He continued on to say that he was just making the content decisions and didn’t know what “trade-offs” the development team was making, so he cannot say it would have been a better console if he was the one in charge.

Spencer assured the fans that Xbox One is not an inferior machine by any means and he would recommend them to get it.

I’m not ashamed of the hardware that we have anyway, and if somebody asks me “Should I go buy an Xbox One” I can definitely tell them from the content that we have and the platform that we have, and the services that we have, and for the hardware that we have, “yes.

The response from Phil Spencer is pretty good, because most of the people in his situation would have tried to avoid this question altogether.

As for now, the fall line-up of Xbox One is looking great with Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection making their way to the console.

We will see what future has in store for Microsoft’s new gen machine as the time goes on.

Source: IGN