Nvidia Granting $25K to Grad Students for GPU Based Research

Back in early September we reported on the scholarships that Robert Morris University of Chicago was giving away to League of Legends players who could prove their worth in the competitive gaming scene.

This time around, it is Nvidia who is working for the cause of promoting studies and research. They have announced the 14th annual Graduate Fellowship Program under which, doctoral students who work on GPU based research will be granted $25,000 each.

We’ll select up to 10 doctoral students from around the world for grants of $25,000 each for research that advances parallel computing. Besides funding, they’ll get access to NVIDIA technology and programming talent.

The NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program is known for lending technical support as well as monetary assistance to researching students who are working for the furtherance of parallel computing ever since its inception in 2002. So far over 100 students have got their research funded by them.

The grants in question are for the academic year 2015 and if you are interested in getting your hands on one of the grants, make sure you have applied for it before January 15, 2015 i.e. the deadline.

Specifically, Nvidia will be presenting the grants to Ph.D. students who have completed at least their first year of studies in the fields of ‘computer science, computer engineering, system architecture, electrical engineering or a related area.’

The official website of Nvidia has a page dedicated to the fellowship program which has the detailed eligibility criteria as well as the application form that you can use if you think you fit the criteria.

It is always great when names like Nvidia come up to promote a good cause that might not have been possible otherwise for some of the students; don’t you think?