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Monster Hunter 4G To Get New Quest and Party Challenges Next Week

Capcom has revealed that it is going to release a new quest for the recently released title, Monster Hunter 4G on October 31, which will be further divided into three episodes. Upon completing all of them, you will be given a surprise reward.

Apart from this quest, a new Party Challenge will also be making its way to the game, and it will allow you to team up with three of your friends. Your task will be to complete the quest as fast as possible.

For this party challenge, you will have to choose one of the five available belongings and equipment. This challenge will be released for Monster Hunter 4G by the end of this month.

The game has been doing quite well since its release in Japan, as it managed to sell more than 1.4 million copies in just one week.

Capcom has high hopes for this title and they will continue to market it by organizing different events that will run until early 2015; the first of these events is scheduled to take place sometime next week.

Monster Hunter 4G will make its way to the Europe, North America and other regions in the first quarter of 2015.

For more information on these new quests, head over to Capcom’s official website.