Little Big Planet 3 PS4 and PS3 Versions Compared

Who can deny the strong graphical capabilities of Sony’s Playstation 4 but there was a time when we use to be amazed thinking how good the games look on PS3 compared to PS2.

Now, we are here to see just how much a game looks better on PS4 when compared with its PS3 counterpart. The above video shows both PS4 and PS3 versions of Little Big Planet 3 side by side.

Though LBP3 is not a game that defines PS4 graphics because it is not a game which puts much strain on the hardware, but it surely looks much better on PS4 then PS3.

Keep in mind that the footage above is from the beta versions of the game and is not the final build. Sack boy seems more detailed along with other characters of the game, and the crazy world around them feels richer and sharper.

The animations also run smoother on PS4 along with far better texture quality. Another obvious difference is resolution and character models, which look pretty sleek on PS4.

Little Big Planet 3 is scheduled for a November 18 release on both PS3 and PS4.