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League of Legends to Cross $1 Billion in Revenue This Year

League of Legends is on route to become the first online PC game this year to cross $1 billion in revenue.

According to a report by SuperData Research firm that listed the 10 highest-grossing online PC games of this year, League of Legends is miles ahead of its competitors.

Interestingly enough, Riot Games’ prized title was at the fourth spot in a similar list last year. However, 2014 has seen to a mighty boost in the amount players have been spending in-game.

The following list ranks the titles in the period of January through September according to the amount of successful microtransactions. Subscription fee for titles like World of Warcraft are not taken into consideration.

  • League of Legends – $946 million
  • Crossfire – $897 million
  • Dungeon Fighter Online – $891 million
  • World of Warcraft – $728 million
  • World of Tanks – $369 million
  • Maplestory – $240 million
  • Lineage I – $178 million
  • Counter-Strike Online – $148 million
  • DOTA 2 – $136 million
  • Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft – $114 million

It’s a bit scary to realize that the free-to-play title earns more than World of Tanks, Counter-Strike: Online, DOTA 2, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft combined.

“Riot Games’ emphasis on providing a unique player experience, rather than focusing on revenues, has paid off,” SuperData chief executive Joost van Dreunen said. “Remarkably, incumbent titles like Crossfire and Dungeon Fighter managed to maintain their leadership positions, providing evidence to the notion that free-to-play gamers are much more loyal than is generally assumed.”

Thanks to the latest expansion pack, World of Warcraft has managed to rise up in the ranks. DOTA 2 also has crossed over a lot of titles to be at the number ninth spot, compared to be being at the 20th spot last year.

This year North America has spent $1.4 billion on free-to-play games, while Asia has surpassed $3 billion.

Source: VentureBeat