How About Playing Dark Souls 2 In First Person Mode?

If you have been a long time fan of Dark Souls, you will remember the first game getting a mod which allowed players to experience the world of Dark Souls in first person view.

Now, modders have done the same with Dark Souls 2 as well. Youtuber Benzoin-Gum has shared a video demonstrating the mod which has allowed From Software’s popular role playing game to be playable in first person perspective.

When you zoom in while equipped with a bow or binoculars, the mod freezes the camera in that position and it stays zoomed to offer a first person view.

Keep in mind that the zoom in effect might break during cut-scenes or load screens but not to worry, by repeating all the steps shown in a

">video tutorial you can bring back first person perspective.

In order for this to work, players will need both the mod and the CheatEngine. Since the CheatEngine is at play, it is advised not go online in order to avoid the risk of getting banned.

The original Dark Souls became next to impossible to play after the FPS mod so similar difficulties are expected with gameplay this time around as well. Still, Benzion-Gum looks pretty comfortable playing the game in the video posted above.

The download link for the mod can also be found in the link description of the video above and players can get the CheatEngine by following the link here.

Try the mod and let us know how it goes in the comments below!