The Division, One of the Few Proper RPGs in Modern World?

Tom Clancy’s The Division might not get released until sometime in 2015, but the developers really want to stay tuned. Recently they talked about the game giving their own perspective on the choices they have made.

Talking of how the developers these days tend to mix different genres up and give you an amalgam of different types of games, The Division‘s senior brand art director Rodrigo Cortes said that it can often get complicated to categorize the title.

Their game however, is a ‘proper RPG’ he says:

You’re starting to see similar mixing of genres in other games. Before a game was either a shooter, or a third-person game, or a driving game. But now more and more there’s a blend of genres into a bigger game.

It can make the game hard to define – it has shooter elements, RPG mechanics, it’s cover-based, online and a seamless open-world. It has all of that, yes. But we took it to heart. It’s a proper RPG.

What makes this claim even more interesting is that there aren’t many ‘proper RPGs’ being made in the modern world war setting. People make a lot of role playing games but the ones we really recognize are mostly based in a fantasy world or some other setting.

This gives Ubisoft a lot of elements that no other developer has tried out yet; which means we could certainly experience a lot of known RPG elements put to use in a different way when The Division comes out.

Cortes also shared other tidbits about the gameplay, like an assurance that you will never be forced to take up PvP; the whole game can be mastered alone.

Also the fact that they didn’t want ‘an emotional experience ruined by a guy with a weird name dancing in front of you,’ that is why there is the limit on four players.

So tell us, what do you think of the ‘proper RPG’ claim of Ubisoft about Tom Clancy’s The Division?