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Daedalic Will Publish Dark Adventure Dead Synchronicity

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced that it will take another indie game under its wing with the agreement to release Dead Synchronicity. This upcoming PC adventure game from Spanish developer Fictiorama Studio will be available in early 2015.

Dead Synchronicity takes on a dark theme, one where the world has been hit by a cataclysmic event, called the Great Wave, which caused civilization to regress to a totalitarian regime. The main character, Michael, wakes up from this in a refugee camp that’s basically a prison for the masses to be kept without any modern resources.

Making matters worse, the wave that knocked down everything and killed countless of people also spread around a pandemic. A contagious disease is going around and those affected are called the “dissolved,” for they start ripping through time.

Dissolved people have the ability to talk to people who aren’t really present at the time. This is a cause for concern for the authorities who are carting off anyone who is known to have this illness.

Michael is affected by this strange, glitchy condition, but just getting around in the world will be more than hard enough in itself. Finding the bare minimum of resources at hand, you’ll need to persuade others with conversational skills or cunning trickery to get around.

Thanks to Daedalic, Dead Synchronicity will feature full English and German voice work. It also will be translated to Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

Additionally, the game is accompanied by a weird jazz rock soundtrack, which stems from the developers’ own band. They always got to sort of nudge that in there, don’t they?

Dead Synchronicity was successfully funded on Kickstarter this year and made it past Steam Greenlight as well. A demo is available now that goes over the beginning events of the game.