BlazeRush Lets Players Join Races In Progress, Out Soon

Developer Targem Games has announced a new game, called BlazeRush. It’s headed for PC and Playstation 3 as soon as next week, October 29.

BlazeRush is a vehicular combat racing game, set on elevated platforms. Players drive small cars on quickly winding roads with periodic angular jumps that lift up the vehicles.

There’s a big chunk of Rock n’ Roll Racing atmosphere in there, though it will alter the model a little from Blizzard’s forgotten classic.

In BlazeRush, there are weapons and other power-ups, but no damage meters. Instead, to kill an opponent, cars need to push others off the track, while trying to stay in the top spot.

There will be 16 cars to choose from and three different locations. There isn’t any progression system in place, just pure arcade gameplay.

Naturally, the game has multiplayer, which can be done with 4 people locally, while online supports up to 8 players. In a rather interesting twist, BlazeRush allows players to connect to a race at any time, even if it’s already in progress.

In the clip that accompanies the announcement, there’s also a difference in gameplay. Aside from the usual bumping and grinding, there’s a part where a steamroller is advancing on the escaping pack of cars.

So far, BlazeRush on Playstation 3 is only dated for Europe, though the release states that it will come to North America at a later time.

Developer Targem Games already has a few releases on Steam with varying degrees of quality. You may know them from titles like Battle vs Chess, Planets Under Attack or their other vehicular combat game, Insane 2.