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Become A Rocket Powered Space Ninja With Warframe Update 15

Its been a while since a major update has been released for Warframe but that will change with the release of update 15.

The highly anticipated update allows you to take your Warframe for a spin in outer space. So far, players were only limited to fight within the boundaries of a space station or on the grounds of planet Earth.

Apart from laser beams and space robots who are prepared to kill you at a moments notice, space will be filled with asteroids which players will have to dodge in order to avoid damage so unfortunately you won’t have much time to enjoy the scenery.

Odonata Archwing was shown previously at a much earlier stage and since then some abilities were “shifted around.”

One major change was the inclusion of an “EMP Blast” that radiates from the Archwing and leaves close by enemies floating and helpless. According to a post on Warframe’s website:

“The Odonata’s portable shield, flares, and missile volley have all been left relatively unchanged, but its previous ‘Stasis Field’ has now moved over to our brand new Archwing. Boasting heavy concentrated firepower over smaller payloads this new Archwing uses remotely detonated missiles to do the bulk of its primary damage.”

We still don’t have a release date for the update but we do know that it will surely include a new Warframe.

Details regarding the new addition are slim at the moment but we are told to consider him as “Void wizard of sorts.”

Using his mysterious powers, this new Warframe will be able to influence whatever is happening on the battlefield.

To know more about the update, visit the official Warframe website.