Team Meat Teases the Next Super Meat Boy Game

I am sure you would say that you haven’t had enough of Super Meat Boy yet; which means there is always room for another title in the series.

Apparently it looks like the developers of the series, Team Meat are really looking into it and as far as the need for another game in the series is concerned, they completely agree with you on that.

October 21 was the release day anniversary of Super Meat Boy and on that occasion, a tweet was made on the official Twitter profile of the developers where they teased:

Four years ago today Super Meat Boy was born. Since then the world has been constantly going downhill. Time for another Meat Boy game I think.

However, the official website of the game has announced Super Meat Boy Forever back on August 29. The game is expected to be released to Phones Tablets and Steam next year. It is going to have a complete story spanning over six chapters and ‘double the bosses the original game featured.’

So it will not be just an endless runner, although one of the modes will be endless mode.

Back in August when the announcement was made for Super Meat Boy Forever, the developers said that they had been working on it for the past two months only.

Interestingly, the only instance where the series has been mentioned recently is in an unexpected place. Forza Horizon 2 has an achievement with that name.

I have been wondering that while Team Meat has already announced the Super Meat Boy Forever, why they are teasing about a new game now.