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Quantum Rush: Champions Races In Singleplayer On Early Access

Developer GameArt Studio has launched Quantum Rush: Champions on Steam, currently through Early Access. It’s a futuristic racer with shiny, metallic visuals that much resemble old WipeOut games.

To those who this sounds extremely familiar: No, you didn’t dream that this game already launched on Steam. However, the previous version was Quantum Rush Online, a free-to-play multiplayer racing title.

Quantum Rush: Champions is similar to that in many ways, except it’s available as a singleplayer model and that for a price tag, currently at €4.99. This will cost more once its Early Access period, estimated at a few months, ends.

There are several game modes in Quantum Rush: Champions, such as a campaign for each of the three vehicle builds. Campaign tiers will be sectioned off with a final boss battle challenge.

Moreover, the singleplayer game also has an option for Death Match, where the goal is to kill the most opponents. In Against the Clock, players try to stay out of the last position, which is periodically eliminated.

Finally, Damage Control increases speeds, while racers try to avoid collisions that would cause damage.

Quantum Rush: Champions will have upgrades and customization options, just like the free version does with a currency model. It also uses many of the same tracks as its previous release.

Developer GameArt tried to put Quantum Rush: Champions through a Kickstarter campaign in July. It unfortunately didn’t nearly make its $36,000 goal, landing at just *4,000, though it doesn’t seem to have stopped the studio one bit.