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NBA Live 15 Demo Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

NBA Live 15 is going to hit the shelves on coming Tuesday and if you are among those people, who are still unsure about making the purchase, then worry no more as EA is providing you access to the game’s demo which will release alongside the title.

EA Sports made this announcement on its official website:

PlayStation 4 hoopsters will have access to a classic game demo beginning on October 28. The demo includes a “Finals Atmosphere” Cleveland vs. Oklahoma City matchup with five-minute quarters. Ballers can also play through the adidas Learn LIVE Tutorial featuring Damian Lillard.

On the other hand, EA Access members on Xbox One will be able to play the full version of the game for six hours, starting tomorrow which is quite enough time to get an idea of what to expect from NBA Live 15.

However, if you are not an EA Access member, then you will have to wait till next Tuesday to to play this trial of the game.

There are a lot expectations riding on this year’s entry in the series because the developers completely ditched last-gen consoles in favor of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which is why the game has to be on a level that should appeal to non-basketball fans as well.

The demo is a good way to get everyone’s attention as the players will be able to see how different modes and gameplay aspect of NBA Live 15 are working, before they decide to make the full purchase.

NBA Live 15 will hit the stores on October 28 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: EA Sports