Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Discussed by Executive Producer

Just by looking at the game, you can see the similarities Lords of The Fallen has to Dark Souls.

So considering that, the basic gameplay of Lords of The Fallen will still feel quite familiar to players who have played Dark Souls.

In the video above, Lords of The Fallen executive producer addressed some concerns regarding the game and described some gameplay elements for us and what better way to do that, other than a gameplay demonstration.

Again, similar to Souls games you are able to perform normal attacks with your weapons, slower but strong attacks that cause more damage and rolling attacks as well.

Something you can use to your advantage is the fact that your character can not be hurt mid-role. However, you will be vulnerable to damage at the start and end of the animation.

Keep in mind that burden of your equipment will be the determining factor between a slower and faster role. Which means heavy armour and equipment will slow you down but will protect you from damage while lighter armour or no armour will leave you vulnerable to extensive damage but players will gain speed.

You can find new weapons and items and they will have a stat requirement in order to equip.

Also, feel free to jump while sprinting, why? because the game allows you too. Furthermore, healing potions can be restored at checkpoints. As you can see the game have many similarities to the Souls games but what is different?

One major difference between the two games can be found within the melee system of Lords of The Fallen.

There is a perfect timing system introduced in the game. During combo attacks if you manage to press the button with right timing, your following attack will drain less stamina.

The other interesting addition is an over charge attack system, by holding the button for a longer period of time, you can cause more damage to the enemy in exchange for extra stamina being drained.

Lords of The Fallen in nearing release and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC starting October 28.