John Wick is the New Crew Member in PayDay 2

Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves? His roles in action films like The Matrix, Speed and other similar action packed blockbusters has made him one of the most loved stars of Hollywood.

Over the past few years, he hasn’t really been getting much offers for action movies but he intents to make a comeback with his latest project called John Wick. The movie is the story of a retired assassin picking up the gun once again for revenge from people who took everything from him.

Now, Lionsgate and Thunder Road Pictures have announced their collaboration with 505 Games and Starbreeze to bring John Wick downloadable content to PayDay 2.

The content which is now available for download free of cost and adds John Wick as a playable member of the PayDay 2 group.

Furthermore, if you have plans to go see John Wick be sure to pick up tickets through Fandango as it will give you a free Pay Day 2 download on Steam.

John Wick DLC includes the following:

  • John Wick, a new playable character in PAYDAY 2
  • A new perk system called Hitman, which includes features such as Akimbo, the ability to dual wield weapons, a favorite of John Wick himself
  • A new pistol with accompanying weapon modifications and a new knife melee weapon
  • Three cool-looking sunglasses to customize and wear

Keanu Reeves action filled John Wick will be coming to the theaters near you on October 24.

Source: Steam