Guild Wars 2 Blood and Madness Released with Halloween Festivities

ArenaNet has made it a habit to hold the annual Halloween event they term as Blood and Madness in Guild Wars 2. Even this year, the MMO has been turned into a spooky freak show.

The developers have released the massive patch notes bearing details on all the ‘ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and maddening fun’ that awaits you. There are two story elements:

Join Magister Tassi at the Nolani Academy Ruins in the northwest corner of the Black Citadel for two story instances. The first introduces the players to the Halloween story and the return of Mad King Thorn’s son, the Bloody Prince Edrick.

Entry to the second story instance requires earning a Mini Candy Corn Elemental. At least one player in your party needs to have earned the mini for your party to begin the instance.

Massive new content has been added to the Lion’s Arch and Open World as well as the Mad Realm.

There are loads of new rewards waiting for you including new items in the trick or treat bags, a Halloween vendor merchant, some new weapons, a PvP reward and more.

Moving on, for the complete fortnight you will get a chance at daily achievements of eight different kinds. You will also get a host of new achievements (14 in total) that you can unlock any time during the Blood and Madness event.

All this and a lot, lot more comes in alongside bug fixes, changes and improvements to the existing game for instance a new currency exchange UI, a shitload of changes to profession skills for everyone raging from the elementalists to the engineers and from the necromancers to the rangers.

Blood and Madness is going to take hold of Guild Wars 2 for two weeks which means you have enough time at hand to make sure you get a bagful of those rewards and achievements.

If you are interested in checking out the complete patch notes, head straight to the official forums of the game, but do come back and tell us what you are planning for the coming fortnight!