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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox 360 Re-Release Rumored

If a game is good enough you can never say that I have played it enough. So what would you say if there was a chance that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gets re-released to Xbox 360?

Well, it surely is a rumor so far but you can make of it what you want to.

XboxAchievements has a new entry of achievements list for the game. The leaked list comprises of 33 achievements that you could avail in the game in order to boost your Gamerscore.

Also, if you have been in the gaming scene for long enough you would remember (or maybe not) that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was originally released on October 26, 2004. In a couple of days’ time that would be exactly one decade ago.

Could it be that Rockstar is actually planning something so that they can commemorate the one decade anniversary of the insanely popular title?

Since Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is already available on platforms where they could have expanded it to otherwise i.e. mobile phones and tablets, it could be that it is actually a re-release that they are aiming for.

Another factor that is making people believe that this could be legitimate news is that the good old Xbox Originals download of the game has been taken off of the Xbox Marketplace. Fans are suspecting that this has been done in anticipation of the fresh re-release.

Do you think there could be any truth behind these rumors? Or could it be that the achievements list is actually a fake? If Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is actually being re-released, would you be getting it?