There is a God Mode Among Destiny Cheats, or Call it Mods

Ever since the infinite ammo exploit was found people have been looking for more devastating and more complex ways around the usual game. Apparently, their efforts are bearing fruits now. A Destiny cheat has been discovered that introduces God Mode to the shooter.

As you can see in the video above (shared by MhzMiricle of YouTube), there is a screen where you can choose from multiple Destiny cheats. Among the list is a God Mode too and a number of other formidable cheats.

Later in the video the player delivers damage of up to 99999 and kills the boss in just one hit.

We are not sure which consoles these cheats are available on but the video in question shows an Xbox 360.

Previously, fans that always have a look out for exploits had found one in Destiny that gave the players infinite ammo. While the exploit was used by many to their undue benefit, others really found it to be a fun spoiler.

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There is a debate among the community whether things like these should be called a cheat or a mod. Obviously, the ones using them prefer to use the term mod but those who are at the receiving ends (without even getting something like that for themselves) are sure that it is nothing but a cheat.

What do you think? Isn’t it correct if we use the term Destiny cheats instead of mods?